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 "The PuraPC system is an inexpensive way to help keep your PC from biting the dust. "
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 " If your PC has dust buildup problems, take a look at Filtalert's PuraPC." 
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PuraPC is dedicated to providing useful information and products to help prevent dust build-up inside any computer or server.

Find out how dust destroys your PC or server:


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PuraPC - the patented computer air filtering system


View PuraPC - the computer air filter system interactively.

PuraPC Engineering tools; PuraPC technical specifications

Dust has a negative effect on CPU cooling. New computers run faster in a smaller amount of space, which has less surface area and more heat to dissipate. The results are higher temps and greater sensitivity to dust and dirt trapping heat.
PuraPC is a computer dust filtering system that mounts over air intake fans and/or vents on any computer or server. Filter-monitoring software is included to make sure the washable dust filters are always air-permeable.
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Protect the life of your system—inside and out—with PuraPC.  
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